We've produced a number of videos and also have a guest artist series!

    PIRATE JENNY | Cocktail Hour: Grog

    Alex Rodrick and Ben Read perform Kurt Weill's menacing "Pirate Jenny" from The Threepenny Opera while preparing the perfect pirate cocktail to withstand scurvy and other piratical ailments: GROG.

  • COMME AUTREFOIS | Coconut Burfi

    performed by Maya Kherani


    Guest artist, soprano Maya Kherani, performs "Comme autrefois" from Georges Bizet's "Les pêcheurs de perles" and demonstrates how to make Coconut Burfi, a delicious and fragrant Indian dessert. She is accompanied by Veronika Agranov-Dafoe on the piano.


    | Musical Interlude

    performed by Ines Irawati

    Pianist Ines Irawati performs “Widmung” by Robert Schumann, arranged for solo piano by Franz Liszt. This piece was originally written by Schumann in dedication to his wife Clara, in the year of their marriage. It was written for voice and piano but later, the composer and pianist Franz Liszt arranged it for solo piano.

    VECCHIA ZIMARRA, SENTI | How to Dice an Onion

    performed by Joshua Arky

    Josh shows you how to dice an onion -- fast! -- while also singing a bit of his favorite tearjerker.