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    Voice lessons aren't just for singers! Everyone can benefit from vocal instruction - whether you want to be able to call yourself a singer, learn how to carry a tune, or simply feel confident about your speaking voice during all those Zoom meetings, we've got a teacher for you!

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    Singing Lessons w/Josh

    "I am absolutely amazed by the growth he's helped me achieve in such a short amount of time." - Darius H.

    Josh teaches students of any age, experience level, and with interest in any musical style. Josh loves helping his students achieve their goals, whether they are to sing professionally or to just have fun. Josh will share with you helpful (and sometimes silly!) exercises to build stamina, range, strength, and breath control. And without even realizing it, your musicianship will improve, too!


    What Josh's students are saying:

    "While I was skeptical at first about the effectiveness of online vocal instruction, I decided to take singing lessons with Josh to pass the time during the COVID lockdown. What I received went far beyond my expectations, as Josh went out of his way to offer me a tailored experience centered on the vocal techniques I wanted to train. Josh had great energy, great communication, and great analogies - highly recommended!" - Eric Y.


    "My 12 year old daughter looks forward to every lesson, because each lesson is unique and inspiring. He is patient and knowledgeable. He brings out the best in my child." - Leslie A.


    Josh offers 30-, 45-, and 60-minute online lessons.


    Special Offer: Purchase a package of 4 lessons, and get 10% off!


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    Speaking Voice Lessons w/Alex

    "Engaging and actionable. Great flexibility and willingness to personalize the work to align with my goals and level."

    - Vittorio A.

    Voice lessons aren't just for singing! Alex helps students who want to build strength and confidence in their speaking voice, who experience vocal fatigue, or who want to improve their communication skills. As a professional vocalist, Alex has spent years thinking about the voice and using it as a tool for communication; she is particularly passionate about helping you achieve your goals for vocal clarity and health in your everyday life.


    What Alex's students are saying:

    "I have now a toolbox of exercises and techniques that I can use anytime I need to rehearse my speech before a future presentation or a speaking engagement!" - Elena


    "She provides excellent, clear answers and offered additional helpful information with the whole process of learning. I'm thrilled that she customizes my needs accordingly." - Halyna M.


    "She was clear in her instruction, encouraging and made it fun. Explained the mechanics of voice and she was easy to understand. Excellent coach!" - Jane S.


    Alex offers 30- and 45-minute online lessons.


    Special Offer: Purchase a package of 4 lessons, and get 10% off!


    Ready to book a lesson with Alex? Click the button below to get started.


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    Singing Lessons w/Maya

    "A rich, soaring soprano." - Opera News

    You may recognize Maya from her guest video: COMME AUTREFOIS | Coconut Burfi. Not only is Maya a beautiful singer and striking performer, she's also a great teacher with her own extensive studio!


    Maya teaches a healthy, sustainable technique that helps you to free your voice, release old habits, and gain comfort throughout your range. Maya welcomes students over the age of 16.


    Maya offers 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lessons.


    Special Offer: Purchase a package of 4 lessons, and get 10% off!


    For more information about Maya, and for booking information, please visit Maya's Website or click the button below.